I am Raph Roberts.
I Design & Produce Educational Media.

Don't have time to watch the video? Here's a summary ...

I am a Qualified Teacher and Learning Media Producer ...

  • 12 years TAFE NSW media teacher
  • Learning Media Producer for University of New England
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • Department of Community Services
  • Private RTO's

... with a passion for creating deep and effective learning ...

  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Innovaton
  • Management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Research
  • Culture

... and I use and love a range of tools ...

  • Blender 3d
  • Tumult Hype
  • Javascript
  • Wordpress / ACF
  • Moodle / Learndash
  • Unity
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • Sketch
  • Smart Sparrow

... to create a range of media.

  • Animations
  • Simulations
  • Interactive 3d Experiences
  • Adaptive Scenarios
  • Personalised Learning
  • Web-based Tools
  • Dynamic Websites

Here are some projects I have worked on ...

UNE Quality Teaching

The University of New England identified a need to up-skill new staff on contemporary, best-practice approaches to teaching and learning. I worked in a small team to analyse research papers surrounding effective teaching practices, and reimagine the content as easily-digested online learning objects. I also lead the development of the course website.

Tools used

  • Wordpress
  • Tumult Hype
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Moodle

Workplace skills

  • Teamwork
  • Teacher Training
  • Research

Virtual Cells App

The UNE School of Science and Technology identified a need to assist students to gain threshold understanding of cell biology. I collaborated with a senior lecturer and Unity programmer to develop an app in which students take a virtual walkthrough of plant, animal, and bacterial cells. The app allowed for 3D interaction and exploration of the organelles, and provided quiz questions related to the unit of study.

Tools used

  • Blender 3d
  • Substance Painter
  • Unity
  • GIT

Workplace skills

  • Collaboration
  • Project Management

Tutorial-Track Training

While teaching at TAFE NSW, I developed a suite of video and text-based training resources. I used these resources to launch an online training repository, which housed learning objects developed by myself and the student cohort. The site featured asynchronous communication, social media integration, and leveraged YouTube content for increased exposure.

Tools used

  • HTML / JS
  • Adobe Suite
  • Traditional Art
  • Screencasting

Workplace skills

  • Creativity
  • Social Skills
  • Training
  • Student Management